Fifty Forward Fund

New matching gift opportunities!

A generous Regent graduate has pledged a matching gift of up to $50,000. We're incredibly grateful for this wonderful opportunity, and we need you to help make the most of it. Here's how you can double your donation:

  • If you've never donated to Regent or one of its partner foundations, your gift will be fully matched.
  • If your last gift was more than three years ago, your gift will be fully matched.
  • If you set up a monthly gift, your first year's worth of giving (12 monthly payments!) will be matched.
  • If you're already a monthly donor, any additional gift(s) beyond your current monthly donation may be matched. 
If you've ever thought about giving to Regent, now is the time!

Note: To ensure your gift will matched, please be sure to select "Fifty Forward Fund" on your online gift form, or add a memo on your cheque. Thanks!

Who pays for a Regent education?

Last year, students paid just over 50 percent. Donors paid another 30 percent. That's $2 million that didn't come out of students' pockets.

The Affordability Equation

As a non-profit school, Regent has a pretty simple funding model:


The vast majority of Regent’s budget has to come from these two sources. The more Regent receives from donors, the less it has to ask for from students.


Donations to the Fifty Forward Fund help cover the most basic costs of keeping Regent open. Your gift goes where it’s most needed — where every dollar given by a donor is a dollar not charged to a student.

Changing a Variable

Right now, donors provide about 30 percent of Regent’s revenue. What if we could raise that number to 35 percent? 40 percent? Even higher?

Change a variable in the affordability equation, and you change the future of Regent College and its students.

That variable is your generosity.

The Fifty Forward Fund invites grateful alumni to give back by investing in Regent’s future affordability. Your gift directly impacts Regent’s affordability by covering expenses that would otherwise be paid for by tuition dollars.

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