2019 Spring Appeal

This is Professor of Old Testament Phil Long’s last term as a full-time faculty member at Regent College. His retirement plans sound great—you can read about them here—but he’ll certainly leave a void. His outstanding teaching, humor, and genuine care for the whole Regent community will be deeply missed.

As you know, Regent is full of fantastic people—Phil himself is just one example. In order to keep bringing fantastic people into its community, Regent needs your help. (Click here to donate now!)

"My hope for Regent is that it will continue to draw keen minds from around the world. It's not all about money, but without money things don't happen.

Regent is very dependent on people who believe in what we're doing. It would be lovely if those people would think and pray about how they can support Regent's mission now and in the future."

— Phil Long, Professor of Old Testament

As a private, trans-denominational school, Regent doesn’t receive government or denominational funding. As a non-profit organization, Regent doesn’t ask students to pay the full cost of their education. Instead, Regent relies on donations to provide at least 30% of the College’s budget.

If your life has been enriched by Regent’s teaching, you’ve benefited from donor generosity. If future generations are enriched by Regent’s teaching, they’ll be benefiting from your generosity. That’s how this place works. Would you make a gift today?

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