About Regent College Foundation

Regent College Foundation’s assists and encourages organizations that promote or carry on graduate-level theological education and participates in fundraising for specific programs and projects of organizations that promote or carry on graduate-level theological education.


In 1983, in response to rising support in the United States for Regent College, Regent College Foundation was formed. The Foundation replaced more temporary methods of support, and worked in cooperation with the Seattle Advisory Council (which was at that time under the leadership of Carl Armerding, with the mission of overseeing the development and implementation of educational programs in the Pacific Northwest). In 1990, the Seattle Advisory Council and Regent College Foundation were merged. Regent College Foundation at that point defined itself as fulfilling five separate functions: theological education, fundraising, board development, alumni support/networking, and the advising of Regent College concerning US interests. Today, the Foundation’s activities comprise the support of graduate-level theological education and the advising of Regent College concerning US interests. The Foundation continues to maintain a close relationship with Regent College and strongly affirms the College’s mission and objectives.