How is Regent...really?

Faculty, staff, and students reflect on life at Regent College in 2017.

A little over two years ago, Regent was experiencing financial difficulties that necessitated significant budget cuts. It was an incredibly difficult time. Today, I want to give you an update.

Regent is doing well. I mean that. By God's grace, Regent is in a far better position today than it was two years ago. 

Regent College Foundation's support makes Regent's work possible. Your support makes it possible. Would you support Regent's work in the coming year? As I'm reminded by the following stories, God is doing good things. 

Jeff Greenman
President, Regent College

GUSTAVO SANTOS - Current Student

"I came to Regent because I was trying to answer a question: what does my faith have to do with my work? I know lots of Christians back home in Brazil have the same question. For a long time I was looking for connections in Brazil who could help me with this, but I couldn't find any. Now I have become the person I wanted to find a few years ago—God has a very good sense of humour! My question today is this: how can I help the Brazilian church bring the depth of the gospel we preach on Sunday into the other six days? My time at Regent is equipping me to do this."

GUSTAVO SANTOSCurrent Student (MA, Marketplace Theology)

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"I've always had a very ambivalent relationship with theological education. I believe in theology. I believe it's really important. But I can't stand the ivory tower. I can't stand the idea of theology as just some hobby that theologians talk about with one another. I've seen a lot of that in universities. However, I fully believe in ideas, in the mind, in engagement with the world in all its complexity. Theology that really seeks to engage with life is critical. It's got to be lived—it's got to be theology for life. Regent is a place that values that. It's about empowering people, sending them out in the power of the gospel to live and work to God's praise and glory. As long as there's a church, there's always going to be a need for a place like Regent. "

IWAN RUSSELL-JONES, Eugene and Jan Peterson Associate Professor of Theology and the Arts

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KAREN BOLDT - Director of Finance

"I have the daily privilege of leading and partnering with a great team of people in stewarding Regent's finances. I also have the even greater privilege of bearing witness to countless signs of God's faithfulness. Together, we can give thanks that Regent's overall financial position is stabilizing. We are fulfilling the Board of Governors' mandate to have a balanced operating budget. We continue to see a reduction in our overall operating debt, and we are reporting surpluses in our unrestricted funds. We're moving forward with greater confidence as we seek to attain long-term financial sustainability for Regent. I am very thankful for God's continued provision, and to all the friends of the College who are partnering with us."

KAREN BOLDT, Director of Finance   

CLAIRE PERINI - Assistant Dean of Students

"Every year at the Leaving Regent Retreat, I love hearing about what Regent has meant to graduating students from all different backgrounds and life stages. One 2017 grad called Regent a nursery for his faith. Another called Regent a place where she wrestled with God. I think they're both onto something: Regent is a safe, nurturing place to struggle! That's what makes studying here such a pivotal, transformative point in people's lives, and that's why so many students describe it as a gift."

CLAIRE PERINI, Assistant Dean of Students   

Now more than ever, the church needs theology for life. 

The world needs thoughtful, faithful Christians who engage with culture, seek complex truths over easy answers, and fully commit to participating in God's creative and redemptive work. Would you join us in cultivating theology for life?