ReFrame: Connecting Faith With All of Life

Regent College Foundation provided support for the development of ReFrame, a ten-week film-based discipleship series for small groups. 

John Knox Presbyterian Church in Seattle ran ReFrame in its various bible studies, small groups and Sunday morning gatherings. In addition, the pastor designed a preaching series around the course content. The response was overwhelming, with roughly 70% of the entire congregation taking part in the course. Dianne Morton, a member of the adult ministry program, reports: “we haven’t seen anything like this at our church in over 40 years. People are fascinated by what’s going on.”

As The High Calling reported, ReFrame helped Salli Talmadge truly understand how her faith could inform and undergird her working life. Before the course, Talmadge said, “I felt like Sunday morning was God’s time, and the rest of the week is my time. I felt like what I do doesn’t matter to God."

But ReFrame's overview of the Christian story from the fall to the coming of God’s kingdom changed all of that. Through the course, Talmadge learned that, as God’s ambassadors in the world, every Christian has a part to play in God’s mission of restoring the world. That message hit home.

“This is the first time I felt validation that what I do at work really matters to God,” she says. “I wished I’d heard this earlier—I would have seen the last ten years of my work differently.”

Watch the trailer below for an overview of ReFrame.