• Chris Fankhauser

    Chris Fankhauser is currently a Director and Chief Operations Officer of Saturna Capital Corporation in Bellingham, Washington.  He also serves as the Treasurer of the both the Amana Mutual Funds Trust and Saturna Investment Trust.  Chris was raised in Spokane, Washington and earned a B.A. degree in political science from Western Washington University in 1995.  While at Western, Chris was very active with The Inn, a ministry for college students hosted by First Presbyterian Church, serving as an intern during the 1995 academic year.  He attended Regent College from 1999 to 2001.  In his free time, Chris enjoys cooking, skiing and reading.  He resides in Ferndale with his wife Christy and their two children. 

  • David McFarland

    David McFarland

    David McFarland has practiced as a family physician in Bellevue, Washington, for over twenty years. He is the Medical Director of a clinic of eight physicians in the Swedish Health System. David attended Regent College from 1982–1983 and continued to take distance courses from both Regent College and Fuller Seminary for several years. David is a member of Crossroads Bible Church where he serves as a lay leader.

  • Dan Eernissee

    Dan Eernissee

    Dan Eernissee studied at the University of Washington, after which he completed a Master of Divinity degree at Regent College, with the distinction of having studied in three locations (the old frat houses, University Chapel, and the current building) during his three years at Regent College. Dan worked in the church/non-profit world for eight years before beginning a new career as a real estate developer, first for Wakefield Properties and now for his own company, Lavoro Development Inc. Dan and his wife Amy live with their two children in Seattle, Washington, where they attend University Presbyterian Church.

  • Michael_e_purdy_75x75

    Mike Purdy

    Mike Purdy retired in 2010 after a 30 year career as a contracting manager for the City of Seattle, the Seattle Housing Authority, and the University of Washington. He is now a self-employed consultant advising government agencies and businesses about public procurement and contracting. Mike has undergraduate and graduate degrees in business administration, both from the University of Puget Sound, and a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. He has audited a class at Regent College almost every summer since 1991 – enjoying the spiritual and intellectual refreshment these mini-sabbaticals have brought. Mike appreciates Regent’s recognition that God’s people are all called to ministry, including those who work in the marketplace. Mike and his wife, Catherine (who attended Regent’s fourth summer school program in 1972), live in Seattle and worship at Bethany Presbyterian Church where he frequently leads worship and occasionally preaches. They have two adult children.

  • Ross Stewart

    Ross Stewart

    Ross Stewart is the Dean of the Seattle Pacific University School of Business, Government, and Economics, and its Professor of Accounting. He teaches financial accounting and is involved in applied learning experiences like social ventures. His research interests are in the history of accounting and the social and organizational context of accounting. Ross values his time as a student (1980–1982) at Regent as a “kairos” moment in his life and is encouraged about how God continues to use Regent in the lives of students. Ross met his wife Barbara at Regent and is grateful to God for the way Regent has enriched their lives.

  • Carrie Giddings

    A native Washingtonian, Carrie Giddings grew up in the Issaquah area and received her Liberal Arts bachelor’s degree from Whitman College. Carrie’s earliest theological foundation was shaped by years struggling with the conflict between her immediate family’s passion for science and logic and her grandparents’ fundamentalist Christian religion. A summer auditing courses at Regent helped open her eyes to a world where science and intellectual pursuit did not have to be at odds with strong Christian beliefs.  Indeed, the openness that her Regent professors had to theological questioning and debate convinced Carrie that Regent was the place for her—someone struggling to understand how to live authentically as a Christian who still had many questions about the Bible, the church, and what it meant to have a relationship with Christ.  Carrie received her Master of Arts in Theology from Regent with a concentration in Old Testament Studies and she honestly cannot imagine who she would be today without that transformative Regent experience; it grounded her theology in community, relationship, and the freedom to approach God “as you are.”  Carrie is currently a fourth grade public school teacher and she attends St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Lakewood with her husband Andrew, another Regent graduate, and their son.

  • Abraham Galiano 

    Abraham Galiano (MCS, 2012) possesses an innate passion for philosophy, theology, and literature; all of which informs his unique approach to business where he seeks to specialize in relationship, integrity, and sustainability instead of revenue and short term interests.  Abraham has been employed in the financial services industry since 2006 and also worked on the Regent College development team from 2010-2012.  Since his studies at Regent College he has been working to articulate what it means to serve as a pastor at the intersection of the marketplace, the academy, and the Church, and how these areas can gain wisdom and discipline from one another.  He hopes to pursue this topic formally through a dissertation in industrial psychology. Abraham, his wife, and their three children currently reside in Texas, but enjoy returning to British Columbia to tromp around in puddles on Galiano Island and stay engaged with the Regent community.